Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh December

Oh December, December
The month of peace on earth
Good will to men
Why oh why
Do we try to cram
it all in 25 days???

Is there no room
For the Christmas Spirit
in July?

All these things I love to do
Baking for friends and neighbors
Singing in the choir
Helping an orphanage in Peru
Ringing in the bell choir
Spending time with my children
Trying extra hard to be Christlike
Decorating the house
Visiting neighbors and family
Giving to the needy
Making gingerbread houses
Reading scriptures
Filling the house with music

I feel so frantic
Must finish by the 24th....

Here is my New Years Resolution:
Let's spread it out-!!!
How does January look?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Semi-Unattractive Club

Well, my brother blogged about starting a semi-unattractive club. And I would like to nominate a good portion of my childhood for membership. Since all of us are unattractive some of the time, and none of us are unattractive all of the time, let's hear it for the honesty and reality of imperfections - wahooo!!! ..... So below are a couple of good examples......

OK - then I grew up and discovered a few implements, say a hairbrush and scissors, and a stylist that knows what to do with your hair, a bit of feature enhancing flaw reducing makeup, a good photographer (my sister is one of those thank goodness) - and every once in a while I can get a snapshot that isn't completely unfortunate looking.......

And this is what I look like normally.....when one unnamed child comes up to me with a camera and flashes it three inches from my face.....but apparently I didn't mind...I'm still smiling