Monday, August 31, 2009

David's Eagle Court of Honor

David's court of honor was awesome - my camera died in the middle of it, so I didn't get a picture of them, but BZ and Laura came and took all these pictures - thanks you guys!  David was having a great day!
David and Gary Alt - Brother Alt is in charge of the scouts and helped David to get his Eagle 2 days before his 18th birthday

Bishop Daniels spoke -

Jerry Thorne from the city council came and spoke - 

Bryan spoke - Bryan's dad Lynn is also an Eagle scout - making David a third generation Eagle scout.  

David getting his Eagle pinned on him :-)

Me getting my 'Mom' pin - 

Bryan getting his 'Dad' pin-

Brother Alt getting a 'mentor' pin - 

Putting on the Eagle neck...thing... ?

Letters of congratulations from the first presidency, congressmen, senators, and a flag that had been flown over the white house - 

David saying a few words - a very good speech might I add - I am so proud of him!
Afterwards we had root beer floats and cookies for refreshments and we had a slide show going during them of David in scouting since he was 11 - !


Meghan said...

Yay David! Hey David, you should start a blog! Tell us all what you are up to and how post-high school goes for you!!!

John, Mica, and Little J said...

Congratulations David! Way to go! That is awesome that you got your eagle! Hope to see ya soon!